Current Exhibits
Maggie Barnes Painting McCartney
Image: Bip Bop (Wings, 1971)
A painting project inspired by Paul McCartney's post-Beatles catalog and compelled by the artist’s quest to find harmony in chaos.

Abstract impressionist painter Maggie Barnes was not a Paul McCartney fangirl in the regular order of life but came to an authentic appreciation of his music in the context of her continuing adult quest for sobriety. Maggie embarked on a project to translate McCartney’s expanding post-Beatles catalog of more than 750 compositions into album-sized iconic paintings.

Her paintings relate to the far-flung locales of McCartney’s songs either in their making or subject matter; serendipitously, Maggie had just returned from Liverpool, painting the Liverpool Oratorio, when she heard that the Cincinnati Opera would be staging the world premiere of that album as an opera this summer. Her Liverpool Oratorio series is on exhibit in the P&G Founders Lounge at Music Hall concurrent with performances, while her paintings from McCartney’s other albums are on exhibit with us. 

Maggie “paints every day to stay sober," to “find a harmonious arrangement to things that appear chaotic”—indeed her painting style has a straightforward style that connects with viewers through its welcoming clarity. Hear more from Maggie here.

An exhibit reprising the VISUAL VIRTUOSOS of Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra’s MusikArt collaborations 2018 and 2019.

The featured artists donated their time and talent to transform decommissioned instruments into unique works of art themed on each of the mainstage concerts during the 2018 and 2019 Summermusik festival. The pieces were auctioned with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the Orchestra.

In recognition of the artists’ true generosity and friendship in answering the Gallery’s call for the Orchestra, Wash Park Art, in continuing gratitude, is now shining a light on their current or representative work.

Cedric Michael Cox, Tina Gutierrez, Carin Hebenstreit, Robert Hebenstreit, Evan Hildebrandt, David Laug, Sara Caswell Pearce (in memoriam), Mary Barr Rhodes, Alison Shepard, Tom Towhey, Nicole Trimble.
July 11– August 31
Virtuosity | REPRISE
Image, photo excerpt: Tina Gutierrez, Flamenco